CFAES IT Advisory Council

The Information Technology Advisory Council (ITAC) is chartered by the Vice President’s Cabinet/Executive Dean to represent the Information Technology (IT) business requirements of the various Centers, Schools and Departments of CFAES, and to assist in providing strategic direction and policy on college wide IT initiatives. The ITAC will consist of members representing the research, academic and outreach interests of CFAES, including (but not limited to): a Department Chair, a School or Unit Director, faculty, staff, and the CFAES CIO, as designated by the Executive Dean.

The ITAC will be focused on IT policy and strategic direction across the college. Members will represent the IT and business requirements of their respective areas and interests, and will work together to build consensus for recommendations for themselves and for CFAES executive leadership. The ITAC’s primary role will be to establish effective IT policy through feedback, analysis, and collaborative agreement on decisions that serve the entire college organization.

The ITAC will provide direction for technology related initiatives by:

  • Providing a forum for collaboration whereby technology requirements for teaching, research, outreach, and administration can be discussed, prioritized and funded.
  • Building consensus for IT related recommendations that serve the business requirements and needs of the various administrative and academic units.
  • Providing guidance and direction for major technology initiatives across the college.
  • Creating an environment of trust through good IT governance.
  • Improving the delivery of IT projects, processes and services.
  • Synchronizing IT strategy and business strategy.
  • Assuring alignment between the CFAES IT strategy and OSU’s IT strategy and Academic Plans.
  • Encouraging desirable behaviors in the use of IT.
  • Assisting in the management of technology costs through the enhancement of business processes, procedures and standards that are agreed to and used by all business and academic units.
  • Reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of IT by pooling resources, leveraging IT spending, and implementing IT solutions that bring the most value to CFAES.
  • Assisting the CFAES CIO in implementing all CFAES IT Strategy and OSU IT strategic initiatives and goals.
  • Reviewing the committee charter on a yearly basis.

Minutes of ITAC meetings will be distributed to the Vice President’s Cabinet.
The ITAC Chair will report to the Vice President’s Cabinet on the group’s proceedings and recommendations at least quarterly or as needed.

Meeting frequency:
As needed and at least quarterly, with a schedule that follows the academic calendar. Meetings will be scheduled approximately the third week of each academic term (autumn, spring, summer).

ITAC members:

  • A representative of Department Chairs (Scott Shearer)
  • A representative of a School/Unit Director (Jim Kinder)
  • Three representatives of Faculty (Dave Shetlar, Luis Canas, Mark Light)
  • A representative of Staff (Mike Kauffman)
  • A representative of the IT Community (Mike Chakerian)
  • CFAES CIO (standing vice chair) (Matt DeVore)

The current chairpersons of the Ag. Faculty Council and the Ag. Staff Council will be considered as members. One Faculty representative will represent Extension.

The ITAC Chair will be elected by a vote of the members. The Chair may rotate at the discretion of the ITAC.

ITAC members are encouraged to recruit designees that can attend meetings and be empowered to vote on the members’ behalf.

Other CFAES employees with helpful expertise or subject matter knowledge of specific issues addressed in ITAC meetings will be invited as appropriate.

Members are appointed for a term of one year with the option of reappointment at the recommendation of the Vice President’s Cabinet.